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Social Media Dominates Display Ads in Latin America

In Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, social sites are the top display ad publishers

September 9, 2015 | Advertising & Marketing | Social Media

In Latin America, social media gets a lot of eyeballs—and the ads to match. The sites get among the best reach of all internet properties, and in major markets they represent by far the biggest display ad publishers.

Top 5 Publisher Categories in Select Countries in Latin America, by Share of Digital Display Ads Served, April 2015 (% of total)

According to comScore, more than half of all digital display ads served in Mexico in April 2015 were on social media sites. In Argentina, the figure was 42.1%, and in Brazil, 38.4% of digital display ads—still a plurality—were served by social media properties.

Only in Brazil was the contest even close. In Mexico, social sites served more than three times as many ads as second-place portals. And in Argentina, social media properties had nearly twice the display ad impressions as news and information sites, which ranked second in that country.

These display ads are likely reaching the vast majority of web users in each country. comScore reported that 168.8 million people in Latin America visited social media sites in April from home and work locations—and that’s not counting mobile visitors.

Other categories sported similarly high reach among internet users, but failed to serve as many display ads.

eMarketer estimates that 238.2 million people in Latin America will visit social sites at least monthly in 2015. That includes internet users of all ages, regardless of location or device used to access social sites.

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