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Snapchat Among Finland's Fastest Growing Daily-Use Social Sites

Facebook’s gains are small thanks to widespread usage

June 21, 2017 | Social Media

Facebook remains Finland’s most widely used social network. But daily use of most other mainstream social platforms is rising much faster among the country’s internet users.

Usage of Facebook and Facebook Messenger combined among Finland’s internet users ages 15 to 74 rose 3.4% from 2016, according to a June 2017 survey by DNA Oy. Approximately eight in 10 respondents (82%) used that social network.

Frequency with Which Internet Users in Finland Use Select Social Media Platforms, June 2017 (% of respondents)

Among respondents who accessed social networks at least once per day, Facebook/Messenger was Finland’s leader with 60% of its users doing so at least daily.

Given Facebook’s broad adoption, it’s not surprising that its user base is not growing much. The fastest gainers among sites used at least daily were generally those still with the most room for adoption. For instance, the survey found that 4% of respondents said they used LinkedIn daily, a low penetration rate but double the 2% that said so a year earlier. Nearly one-third of internet users said they access LinkedIn at least occasionally.

Like LinkedIn, daily users of Snapchat are relatively unusual, with only 12% of respondents saying they logged in at least once a day. But that is considerably more than the 6% who said so a year earlier. Snapchat’s addictive qualities can be seen in usage data: Only 22% of the entire survey group said they ever use Snapchat, but half of those use it at least once a day.

Of the social platforms measured, only two failed to increase their shares of users who accessed their properties at least once per day: Kik Messenger and live video streaming app Periscope.

Cliff Annicelli

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