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Smartphones the No. 2 Device for Following World Cup

Funny and entertaining mobile ads most likely to grab World Cup followers' attention

June 11, 2014

Mobile phones won’t just play a support role for FIFA World Cup followers in the UK—the trend is worldwide. According to a May 2014 study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) conducted by On Device Research, nearly half of smartphone-toting soccer fans worldwide who intended to keep up with the World Cup planned to use their phones to follow the games, the second most popular device.

Media Channels/Devices that Smartphone Users Worldwide Plan to Use to Follow the 2014 World Cup (% of respondents)

The TV was the top device of choice for following the World Cup—unsurprising when one considers its screen size and that in-home World Cup viewing was the No. 1 way respondents planned to stay up to date on the tournament.

Among smartphone users who followed soccer and planned to keep up with the 2014 World Cup, being able to stay in the know about tournament scores was the top motivation for using their phones.

Motivations for Using Their Smartphone to Follow the 2014 World Cup According to Smartphone Users Worldwide, May 2014 (% of respondents)

Watching on the go was the second most popular reason for doing so, and sharing information ranked third.

With high mobile usage focused on the World Cup, advertisers should take note of soccer fans’ attitudes toward mobile ads in general, and study results revealed that hurdles were smaller than some may expect: 37% of soccer fans worldwide said they interacted with a mobile ad daily in order to get more information about a product or service.

What gets them to interact with mobile ads in general? Offering special deals and coupons, which 31% of respondents cited. Targeting and personalization were also important, with three in 10 saying they were more likely to interact with an ad for products they were interested in and around one-quarter saying they would do so for an ad related to a brand they liked.

Type of Mobile Ad that Smartphone Users Worldwide Are Most Likely to Pay Attention to During the 2014 World Cup (% of respondents)

Similarly, when looking at the tournament specifically, 17% of respondents said a mobile ad for a product that was relevant to them was the type of ad they were most likely to pay attention to while watching World Cup coverage or searching for game results on their smartphones. However, the research noted that personalization wasn’t the only important thing: Funny and entertaining ads during the World Cup were the most popular for grabbing followers’ attention (23% of respondents).

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