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Smartphones Help Mothers in Mexico Stay Social

Over 80% say they use their smartphone to chat

June 9, 2016

Four in five of mother smartphone users in Mexico use their smartphones to chat, according to data from The Competitive Intelligence Unit. Over seven in 10 say they use the devices to engage with social networks.

Smartphone Activities Conducted by Mother Smartphone Users in Mexico, 2016 (% of respondents)

Most of those surveyed use their smartphone to search for information, but mothers in Mexico are not using their smartphones to watch video: Just 31% say they do so.

Smartphone users in Mexico tend to skew younger, generally speaking—in 2016, eMarketer estimates, nearly two-thirds of smartphone users in Mexico (63.2%) will be under 35, and 37.4% will be under 25—so it’s not too surprising that smartphone activities will trend social.

And it’s not just mothers who use smartphones for networking: Social media users in Mexico are increasingly turning toward smartphones platforms.

Devices Used by Social Media Users in Mexico to Access Social Media, 2015 & 2016 (% of respondents)

In 2015, 58% of social media users in Mexico said they used their smartphone to access social sites; that figure has soared to 75% in 2016, while the number of those who use a laptop or desktop to do the same has diminished significantly. It appears that users in Mexico are going mobile when it comes to social media.

eMarketer estimates a total of 44.2 million smartphone users in Mexico in 2016, a figure that will hit 49.9 million in 2017, at 13.8% growth. That number will reach 62.1 million by 2020. Mexico has the second-most smartphone users of any market in Latin America.

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