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Smartphone Users in Brazil Are Addicted

Two in five would rather give up electricity and water than their device

November 4, 2015

Smartphones make life better and easier by providing users with instant access to the wealth of information on the internet at their fingertips, anytime, anyplace. Or do they? In Brazil, as in so many markets around the world, many users seem unable to put their devices down.

Locations/Situations Where Smartphone Users in Brazil Use Their Smartphones, by Frequency, Sep 2015 (% of respondents)

September 2015 research from Expertise and Opinion Box found that 70.0% of smartphone users in Brazil used their devices more than they should. More than half said it made them nervous and anxious when their battery was draining. Meanwhile, 42.5% went so far as to claim they would rather give up electricity and water for a day than go without their phone, and nearly as many simply said they could not live without the device.

Whether it’s in bed just before sleeping—or just after waking up—while watching TV, or while going to the bathroom (even in the middle of the night), large shares of users in Brazil turn to their smartphone frequently.

Notifications don’t free many people from their smartphone compulsions, either. Just 18.5% said they checked their device only when they received a call or push message. Nearly two in five said they checked several times per hour, and another 15.6% reported checking constantly, all day long.

eMarketer estimates that this year, 49.1 million people in Brazil own and use a smartphone at least monthly, or 24.0% of the population. Advertisers will spend $599.3 million on mobile placements in Brazil this year—including ads served to all mobile devices, not just smartphones.

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