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Smartphone Growth Paves Way for Mobile Video Explosion

Mobile gaming apps especially enjoying perks from the smartphone swell

June 5, 2012

Smartphones are slowly and surely becoming a larger piece of the mobile device pie. According to a Mobile Mix report by mobile advertising and data platform provider Millennial Media, in Q1 2012, 73% of mobile impressions served by Millennial Media were delivered on smartphones, trailed by nonphone connected devices at 20% and feature phones at 7%. Millennial Media largely attributed smartphone impression growth to consumers upgrading from feature phones to internet-connected devices.

Mobile Ad Requests Worldwide Served by Millennial Media, by Device Type, Q1 2011 & Q1 2012 (% of total)

Smartphone prevalence is contributing to the rapid growth of mobile video and mobile gaming. According to Millennial Q1 data, there has been a 958% year-over-year increase in mobile ad video views on the platform. Developers and brands alike are contributing more video ads and video content, which is a likely reason for the mobile video surge.

April data from market research firm Strategy Analytics also captured the steep growth of mobile video. In 2011, Strategy Analytics cited 108 billion mobile videos viewed worldwide; in 2012 that number has already climbed to 280 billion views.

Mobile Videos Viewed Worldwide, 2011 & 2012 (billions)

The Millennial Mobile Mix study also underscores the immense popularity of mobile gaming apps. Gaming was the top app category on the Millennial platform and grew 10 percent quarter-over-quarter. Gaming was followed by music and entertainment apps then mobile social media apps.

The number of games available is only partly responsible for mobile gaming’s dominance. Consumers are not only consuming more games than before; they are also spending more time with content. Mobile analytics software company Flurry Analytics examined the mobile gaming app sessions for iOS and Android devices in a study. In Q1 2012, mobile gaming app sessions worldwide grew 20.5 times over the level observed in Q1 2010.

Mobile Gaming App Session Growth Worldwide, Q1 2010-Q1 2012 (index*)

Millennial Media also examined the mobile OS mix from Q1 2012. Android led the mix with 49% of impressions, followed by iOS with 33%. Millennial estimated that Android has gained market share thanks to its growing position in the tablet and smartphone marketplace. Overall, Millennial emphasized the growth of impressions coming from nonphone connected devices such as tablets. Tablet devices are also likely contributors to mobile video and mobile gaming advancement and will continue to drive future growth.

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