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Siri, What Do You Most Often Help With?

Most internet users still aren’t using personal assistants

July 14, 2016

Artificial intelligence (AI) assistants, like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana, can help internet users with a variety of activities, especially when they’re on the go. But what’s the most popular use case for these nonhuman helpers? According to June 2016 research, nearly two-thirds of AI users in the US use these personal assistants to answer general questions.

Tasks for Which US Artificial Intelligence (AI) Users Use AI Assistants, June 2016 (% of respondents)

San Francisco, CA–based AYTM Market Research surveyed 1,000 US internet users about their dealings with an AI assistant. Overall, 58% had never used one, while about a quarter used AI assistants on at least a monthly basis.

According to the survey, the majority (64.5%) of AI users said they used AI assistants to ask general questions, followed by getting directions while driving (39.7%) and making calls (25.2%).

Other research confirms, though, that few mobile phone owners in the US actually use a voice-controlled personal assistant regularly. In a separate March 2016-released study from 451 Research, only 13% of respondents said they use a personal assistant on their device daily. The same survey found 37% used one at least monthly, more than in the AYTM survey.

But personal assistants could be getting more popular. This year, voice-activated search is on the rise, and personal assistants can be spoken to not just via mobile, but also in the car. And the technology is always getting smarter through the support of the growing internet of things (IoT).

In fact, marketers are beginning to invest more in IoT, particularly retailers and those in banking and financial services. Through the adoption of IoT—an interconnected ecosystem of internet-enabled objects such as AI software and analytics programs—personal assistants will continue to become more relevant and offer a better user experience.

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