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In Singapore, Mobile Picks Up More Paid Search Clicks

Clickthrough rates low on smartphones

March 7, 2013

Consumers in Singapore were quick to adopt smartphones and tablets, and now heavy use of the mobile internet is affecting where advertisers seek out search clicks.

According to a survey from Marin Software of select countries, just over three-quarters of paid search clicks in Singapore came from the computer in 2012. The remainder all went to smartphones and tablets, the highest share of clicks going to mobile devices of any country studied.

Correspondingly, more paid search dollars went to mobile devices compared to other countries, with smartphones and tablets taking one out of every five dollars spent on search.

Share of Paid Search Clicks in Select Countries/Regions, by Device, 2012 (% of total)

Advertisers may have no choice but to reach out to consumers in Singapore where they search and browse, but they should be aware that mobile users in the country are not especially likely to click through.

Smartphone users in Singapore recorded the lowest clickthrough rates (CTRs) of any other country (1.8%), and CTRs on tablets (2.4%) and computers (2.4%) were also on the low end. This could be a reflection of the advancement of internet users in the country on desktop and mobile. As consumers become more exposed to online search ads and more adept at navigating online channels, the willingness to click through tends to wane.

The mobile operating systems most users in Singapore choose are also worth noting. According to an October 2012 study from Netbiscuits, Apple was the favored brand, with over half of mobile internet traffic going to iOS; another 43% went to Android.

Mobile Internet Traffic in Singapore, by OS, Oct 2012 (% of total)

Smartphones remain the dominant mobile internet access point, accounting for 84.3% of mobile internet traffic. Meanwhile, tablets took in just under a 10% share.

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