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Shoppers Want Retailers to Make It Personal–Everywhere

Cross-channel personalization allows for best experience

March 12, 2015

What gets consumers to shop until they drop? It’s personal—that is, a personal experience. In a December 2014 study by MyBuys, 53% of US digital buyers said they purchased more from retailers that suggested products based on past browsing or buying behavior, and 52% said they were likely to engage with a new brand and purchase when they saw online ads for products they were interested in based on current and past actions.

Attitudes Toward Cross-Channel Personalization by Retailers Among US Digital Buyers, Dec 2014 (% of respondents)

Just under half of respondents also agreed that they purchased more from retailers that served personalized ads promoting offers and products from past website visits, and 48% said the same about those that sent emails based on past browsing and buying behavior.

Advertisers need to go the distance with personalization. Tailoring messages across all touchpoints is critical, supported by the fact that nearly half of respondents said they bought more from retailers that personalized the shopping experience across all channels. Similarly, 47% of US digital shoppers polled in September 2014 by the e-tailing group said that receiving a consistently personalized shopping experience from one channel to the next was an important omnichannel retail capability.

This means bridging the online-offline gap too, something MyBuys respondents were very keen on. Nearly eight in 10 were willing to allow retailers to use info based on their in-store purchases in order to provide a more personalized shopping experience wherever they shopped. Around half said that retailers that leveraged in-store data across channels delivered a superior shopping experience overall. Respondents also expressed a desire for retailers to apply data gathered in-store to every channel so that they received a personalized experience no matter their shopping location—and the best one possible.

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