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Sharing Economy in Japan a No-Go

Survey finds many internet users in the country have never heard of such services

April 21, 2017 | Retail & Ecommerce

In Japan, not only have few internet users employed sharing economy services like ride/car sharing and vacation apartment/home sharing, many have never even heard of them. By comparison, many internet users in Vietnam and a fair amount in Singapore have done so.

Over 50% of internet users in Vietnam polled by AIP Corporation in February 2017 said they have used a ride/car sharing service, while 28% in Singapore said the same. And just 6% of those in Vietnam and 4% in Singapore said they have never heard of such a service.

But in Japan, a full 40% of respondents said they have never heard of a ride/car sharing service. And of the 56% who have heard of it, just 4% say they’ve used such a service.

In fact, the majority of respondents in Japan were unaware of several sharing economy services. For example, over 50% said they have never heard of crowdfunding. More than 90% said the same for knowledge/talent sharing, while 84% didn’t know about co-working spaces and 81% never heard of vacation apartment/home sharing.

Nearly 80% haven’t heard of peer-to-peer lending or the reselling/trading economy.

On the off-chance that an internet user in Japan has heard of these things, about 4% of respondents say they’ve used each of those services.

Ben Clague

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