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Room for Continued Pay TV Growth in Central America

América Móvil holds the largest subscription share of any single service provider in the region

April 5, 2016 | Media

Central American pay TV subscriptions are increasingly prevalent. In Q4 2014 the region had 3.3 million pay TV subscriptions, which rose to 3.7 million subscriptions in Q4 2015—a positive change of 13.5%. The figures come from a March 2016 report by Dataxis Intelligence.

Pay TV Subscriptions in Central America*, Q4 2014 & Q4 2015 (millions and % change)

A similar study from October 2015, also conducted by Dataxis, found that in Latin America in Q2 2015, there were 69 million pay TV subscriptions. While Latin America is, of course, a much larger region, but the current subscription growth rate in Central America suggests that pay TV has some serious market expansion opportunities there as well.

So who’s providing this pay TV? América Móvil/Claro leads the ranks when it comes to pay TV service providers, with 31% of the total subscription share in Central America.

Pay TV Subscription Share in Central America*, by Service Provider, Q4 2015 (% of total)

Tigo/Millicom also takes up a significant share of the market, providing 24.3% of pay TV subscriptions. But nearly half of all subscriptions provided are done so via a litany of smaller service providers—this miscellaneous group makes up the plurality of the market, at 44.7%.

Returning to the Dataxis study on Latin America, América Móvil is also the single most popular service provider across the region, with 32% of pay TV subscription share. DirecTV makes up an additional 28% of the subscriptions, while 22% of the market goes to Televisa. Other than América Móvil, the two regions have very little in common when it comes to service providers, which, again, suggests that Central America and Latin America have fundamentally different pay TV markets.

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