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Retailers Rely on Triggered Emails

Retailers focus on getting email addresses on websites, in stores and on social

January 15, 2016

Email marketing is huge for retailers, and the first step in the relationship is getting a customer or potential customer’s address. According to October 2015 research, the most common place retailers do so is on their websites.

Ways in Which US* Retailers Collect Email Addresses, Oct 2015 (% of respondents)

More than eight in 10 (83%) US retailers surveyed by Yesmail say they collect email addresses on their brand's website; 56% did so in-store and 55% via social media.

Once they have those email addresses, US retailers most often use customer behavior triggers—which include web browsing and email activity—to market to consumers. These trigged emails are typically more effective than average.

Almost 40% of retailers use life event triggers, such as birthdays or anniversaries, to get attention. Another 34% say they use dynamic content that factors in gender, location, age, preference and more.

Elements of Email Marketing Campaigns that US* Retailers Personalize Based on Customer Data, Oct 2015 (% of respondents)

And many of these emails are personalized. According to the Yesmail survey, 61% of US retailers personalize the subject line of an email marketing campaign to fit their consumer. Two in five (42%) personalize the recipient name and, notably, 34% personalize the copy of the email itself, taking personalization to the next level.

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