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For Retail Marketers, Site Redesigns Equate to a New Experience

Marketers can benefit from improved customer experiences

August 12, 2016

More than eight in 10 US retail ecommerce senior marketers said the user experience and interface of their sites need to change substantially for a site update to be considered a redesign, May 2016 research revealed.

Types of Website Changes that US Ecommerce Retailers Would Consider a Redesign, May 2016 (% of respondents)

When digital optimization company Clearhead asked senior marketers at ecommerce merchants about what changes need to happen for a website to be considered redesigned, most responses were about the basic looks of the site. For example, more than two-thirds of respondents said the features and functionalities of the site would need to change. And more than half said the graphic design of the website would need to be different.

Interestingly, 30% of senior ecommerce marketers believe that the platform needs to change as part of a redesign, but in that same survey, respondents also indicated that as being a leading reason to do a redesign in the first place.

Other popular reasons to start a redesign included a change in market or customer behavior and negative feedback from customers.

Benefits of Improving Customer Experience According to Business Executives* Worldwide, Jan 2016 (% of respondents)

Understanding consumers and delivering an engaging experience is important to many marketers—and it’s something that keeps them up at night.

Improving the overall experience can be beneficial not just for customers, but for marketers as well. A January 2016 survey from culture change consulting company The Storytellers found that more than eight in 10 execs from leading companies find that improving customer experiences is fundamental to future success, as well as improved brand reputation.

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