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Retail Emails Soon Lead to Sales

For most retailers, the average time between email signup and first purchase is a week or less

July 25, 2016

For nearly a third of retailers, the average customer makes a purchase within the first 48 hours of signing up for marketing emails, June 2016 research found. And for approximately a quarter more merchants, customers first buy within a week of email signup.

Average Time Between Customer Email Subscription and Initial Purchase According to Digital Retail Marketers in North America, June 2016 (% of respondents)

The survey from email marketing services provider Campaigner asked retailers that used the company’s platform about the average time between customer email subscriptions and initial purchase. In total, slightly more than half of digital retail marketers in North America said their average customer makes a purchase at most a week after signing up to receive their emails.

By and large, email can be an effective channel for retailers looking to reach consumers, and ultimately, drive sales. Indeed, March 2016 data from WBR Digital and emarsys revealed that email marketing helps with customer acquisition and retention. Four-fifths of US small- and medium-sized retailers said so.

US Internet Users Who Say They Receive Too Many Emails from Retailers, by Email Frequency, Nov 2015 (% of respondents)

But too many emails can overwhelm customers. First Insight uncovered that consumers are getting too many emails from retailers. Two-thirds of respondents who received five or more retailer emails per week felt they received too many.


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