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Recommended Reading: June 26, 2017

eMarketer’s scan of the key developments of the day, plus data to make sense of it all

June 26, 2017

YouTube TV Expands to More Markets

YouTube TV is expanding its availability to more cities throughout the US. According to Engadget, the cities include Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit and Atlanta. While this is a bigger rollout for the company, it’s still smaller than its competitor Hulu, whose live TV service is available everywhere.

Facebook Brings Anti-Terror Effort to UK

Facebook on Friday brought its Online Civil Courage Initiative to the UK, according to Reuters. Already live in France and Germany, the program provides funding and training to help nongovernmental organizations counter extremist content online. As part of the program, Facebook has set up a dedicated support desk so participating groups can communicate directly with the social network. Elsewhere in Europe, more than 100 anti-hate and anti-extremism organizations have “engaged” with the program, according to Facebook.

China Cracks Down on Live Streaming Services

Regulators in China ordered three large internet platforms in the country to stop live streaming video and audio content last week, citing a lack of licenses and concerns that streamed content violated regulations and “propagated negative speech.” The three firms hit with the order were microblogging platform Weibo, iFeng and AcFun. The government gave no indication how long the ban might last.

India-Assembled iPhones Hit the Streets

Apple began selling “assembled in India” iPhones in the South Asian market last week. The iPhone SEs were first made available in Bengaluru. India is considered an increasingly important market to Apple’s future, since the company has faced dwindling interest in China. Apple had also faced a challenge in requirements from various levels of India’s government that some part of the iPhone manufacturing process would be brought to India before its smartphones could be sold there.

Cdiscount Has Drone Delivery Plan

France-based ecommerce site unveiled plans at last week’s Paris Air Show to develop its own drone delivery system to rival Amazon France’s fledgling airborne order-fulfilment initiative. Dubbed the Pelican Project, Cdiscount hopes to deliver packages of up to 5 kilograms (11 pounds) to customers in urban areas. An initial test should be carried out by 2018 and a prototype introduced by 2019, according to LSA.

Thailand Targets Video Services Like Netflix, Facebook

Thailand’s telecom regulator gave online platforms with over-the-top video services until July 22 to register or else face new rules designed to eat into their revenues. Services affected by the new rule include Facebook, Netflix and YouTube, among others.

—eMarketer editors

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