Recommended Reading: June 22, 2017 - eMarketer
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Recommended Reading: June 22, 2017

eMarketer’s scan of the key developments of the day, plus data to make sense of it all

June 22, 2017

Take Heart, Travis. It Happened to Steve, Too

Travis Kalanick, who stepped down as CEO of Uber on Tuesday, is hardly the first high-profile tech leader to be ousted by the company he founded. Dow Jones Newswires offers a list of top executives who were forced out, including Steve Jobs at Apple, Jerry Yang at Yahoo and Jack Dorsey at Twitter.

Spotify Adds Messenger Playlists

Spotify has unveiled Group Playlists for Messenger, which allow multiple users to contribute song ideas and subsequently share Spotify playlists using Facebook’s flagship messaging app.

UK Conservatives’ Digital Plan Survives Election

The “digital charter,” including the data protection promises, of Theresa May’s incoming UK government was confirmed yesterday in the ceremonial Queen’s Speech outlining her administration’s post-election agenda. With May’s Conservative Party having failed to maintain a majority in the House of Commons, several of the more controversial elements of the party’s election manifesto have been eliminated or pared back, but the digital charter will move ahead unaffected.

NBC Plans Esports Event

NBC Sports plans to televise an esports tournament later this summer, the latest broadcaster turning to competitive video gaming to grow viewership at a time when many consumers are cutting the cord, MarketWatch reports. It notes that esports programming on ESPN and TBS have not yielded strong ratings.

BMG Scours China’s Momo for Music Talent

Momo, the China-based dating app that’s evolved into a popular live streaming platform, may be home to the country’s next great music star. BMG, the music arm of media company Bertelsmann, has paired with Momo to scour the platform for aspiring musicians in the hopes that it will hit big with one of them. Momo plans to host an annual online competition where users vote for winners. Watch your back, Simon Cowell.

NFL Expanding OTT ‘Game Pass’ to Europe

The National Football League (NFL) has tapped Bruin Sports Capital and WPP to tout its over-the-top streaming video service, NFL Game Pass, to viewers in 61 European countries and territories, according to The Drum. The move is the latest in an ongoing effort by the NFL to boost interest in US football across the Continent, including hosting several regular season games annually in London.

Reliance Boosts India’s Gaming Sector

What’s driving the surge of mobile gamers in India? The launch of new mobile service provider Reliance Jio’s cheap 4G data plans, according to a report in the Economic Times. Several homegrown gaming companies have seen their user numbers double since Reliance Jio began undercutting competitors in the fall of last year. Increased gaming has also likely resulted from rival telecoms slashing the prices of their data plans to remain competitive with Reliance Jio.

Thailand Plans Cheap Internet for Rural Dwellers

Thailand’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) plans to roll out cheap fixed-line broadband to the country’s rural areas by mid-2018. The effort will offer unlimited internet at a low fixed monthly price to some 3,920 villages in 62 provinces. In addition, the state will establish more than 5,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots for residents. The government recently began selecting bids for companies interested in taking on the project.

—eMarketer editors

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