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Recommended Reading: June 19, 2017

eMarketer’s scan of the key developments of the day, plus data to make sense of it all

June 19, 2017

Record Fine for Google?

European Union antitrust regulators are likely to hit Google with a fine topping €1 billion for manipulating search results to favor its own comparison shopping service, the Wall Street Journal reports. It would be the largest EU fine to date.

Another Move Against Extremist Content

Meanwhile, in an op-ed piece in the Financial Times, Google laid out four steps it would take to limit extremist content on its platform, including amping up the use of artificial intelligence to recognize extremist and terrorism-related videos.

Making Paper Out of Stone

Bloomberg profiles a Japanese entrepreneur whose company makes paper from limestone. World demand for paper will double by 2030, according to Nobuyoshi Yamasaki, head of the venture. We're not sure what this has to do with digital but paper made from stone seems irresistible.

Movie Immersion

Cars 3, which opened this weekend, is the first Pixar film to be distributed in 4DX, the motion-based “immersive” film format, reports the Verge. 4DX is one of a handful of formats to amplify the sight/sound experience of movies with physical experience: seats that shake, tilt, and pivot, plus environmental effects like air blasts, scents and sprays of water or fog.

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