Recommended Reading: June 15, 2017 - eMarketer
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Recommended Reading: June 15, 2017

eMarketer’s scan of the key developments of the day, plus data to make sense of it all

June 15, 2017

Instagram Wants Influencers to Better Identify Sponsored Ads

Instagram is giving influencers a more transparent way to disclose when their posts are actually paid ads. According to Bloomberg, the app will let users who work with sponsors tag a brand within their posts. If the brand confirms the relationship, the post will be marked as a “paid partnership” at the top.

Amazon to Sell Cars in Europe

Amazon plans to begin selling cars in the UK, the first territory in an expected wider European rollout of the ecommerce giant’s Amazon Vehicles unit in the region, according to an interview by German automotive news site Automobilwoche with the Amazon executive tapped to run the effort. Last year, Amazon launched a modest effort to sell three Fiat models via its Italian site, according to Automotive News Europe. Official details of the plan have not yet been announced.

UK and France Pair to Fight Extremist Content

The UK and France are launching a joint campaign to get internet companies to up their efforts to remove extremist material from their sites, according to the BBC. At a joint press conference in Paris on Tuesday, the leaders of both countries said the campaign will explore creating “a legal liability” to punish companies that fail to take steps to remove extremist content.

Instacart Partners with Wegmans

Popular grocery delivery company Instacart has signed a deal with Wegmans to deliver groceries to consumers on behalf of the store. The partnership will begin in the Washington, DC, suburbs of northern Virginia and Maryland, Recode reports. Instacart already has similar partnerships with other grocers like Whole Foods and Publix.

Citymapper Plans London Bus Route

Transport app Citymapper has asked for permission from Transport for London to run a a circular route in central London.

—Cliff Annicelli, Rimma Kats

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