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Recommended Reading: January 10, 2017

eMarketer's scan of the key developments of the day, plus data to make sense of it all

January 10, 2017

Yahoo to Become Altaba

Yahoo will change its name to Altaba once the sale of its core business is complete, according to a regulatory filing reported by the Wall Street Journal. CEO Marissa Mayer will step down at the conclusion of the sale to Verizon, as will co-founder David Filo.

No Streaming Globes

People who wanted to watch the Golden Globes Sunday night had to do it the old fashioned way—on the TV. NBC blocked any live streaming of the show because it doesn't have streaming rights, Variety reported. Even services like SlingTV, DirecTV Now and cable providers' own streaming apps did not carry the stream, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Baidu's AI Robot Battles Humans on Game Show

Baidu's artificial intelligence robot Xiaodu appeared on the TV game show Super Brain in China to compete against human contestants in a number of mental challenges. The show plans to dedicate its entire upcoming season to seeing how the AI robot performs against four human contestants with exceptional skill sets, such as speed memorization.

Please State the Nature of the Medical Emergency

The UK's National Health Service (NHS) next month will begin a 6-month trial of chatbots to assess the needs of callers to its 111 phone line for "urgent but not life-threatening" health issues. Patients dialing 111 from north London will be directed to an app to engage in a text-based series of questions and answers to determine the urgency of the situation and a recommended course of action.

Uber Launches Movement to Help Cities Improve Planning

Uber is working to improve its relationship with city governments with a new service called Movement, which aggregates transit data. According to an announcement from the company, Uber will invite "planning agencies and researchers to access the data and explore zone-to-zone travel times, and will soon make the website freely available to the public." Movement currently offers data for Manila, Sydney, and Washington. More cities will be coming soon before its full launch in mid-February.

Facebook Will Start Showing Ads in the Middle of Videos

Facebook is testing a new video format that lets publishers place midroll ads in videos. The ads would not show up until a user has watched at least 20 seconds of a video, Recode reported. The mid-roll ads will only show up in videos that are 90 seconds or longer.

—Rimma Kats, Rahul Chadha, Alison McCarthy

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