Recommended Reading: December 20, 2016 - eMarketer
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Recommended Reading: December 20, 2016

eMarketer’s scan of the key developments of the day, plus data to make sense of it all

December 20, 2016 | Media

Nintendo Shares Slip on Mario Run Launch

Despite vaulting to the leading position on Apple’s paid app bestseller list, Nintendo’s Mario Run mobile game appears to have disappointed investors. The company’s share price has declined since the game launched last week. eMarketer estimates that there are more than 180 million mobile phone game players in the US, making up nearly 56% of the total population.

Amazon India Sets In-Home Beauty Trials

Amazon India has started offering in-home beauty services for customers residing in certain parts of Bangalore, the epicenter of India’s technology industry. The program allows customers to make appointments for technicians to offer several services, including manicures, threading and waxing. The program marks a move by Amazon to in-home services, such as house cleaning, that some ecommerce competitors like Snapdeal already offer in India. According to Royal Mail Group data published in November, nearly 80% of digital buyers in India use Amazon. Only Flipkart had a higher penetration rate.

Trump Bump

After Vanity Fair published a slashing review of the Trump Grill, the President-elect shot back on Twitter. And that, in turn, seems to have fueled a subscription spike at the magazine. The New York Times reports that Vanity Fair’s daily subscriptions rose one hundredfold over their daily average.

China’s Facebook Clone Renren Sees User Numbers Fall

Last week Chinese social networking platform Renren, often described as China’s Facebook, reported that it had about 35 million monthly unique log-ins from users in September 2016, down from roughly 45 million a year earlier. But Renren reported strong growth in net revenues, thanks in part to a live streaming service launched in Q2 2016. Renren has been under relentless pressure from messaging app WeChat, which has come to dominate China’s social media space; WeChat reported that it had 846 million monthly active users as of Q3 2016.

Vine App Will Live on as Vine Camera

The Vine app is not going away completely, it seems. Twitter announced it would shutter Vine in October, but according to a Vine blog post, the Vine app will live on as a pared-down camera app that will allow users to continue to film 6-second looping videos, download them and post to other social networks. Vine is also rolling out a new “Follow on Twitter” notification to help Vine creators connect with their followers on the platform.

—Rimma Kats, Rebecca Chadwick, Rahul Chadha and Alison McCarthy

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