Recommended Reading: April 26, 2017 - eMarketer
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Recommended Reading: April 26, 2017

eMarketer’s scan of the key developments of the day, plus data to make sense of it all

April 26, 2017

Uber to Test Out Flying Cars

Forget self-driving cars, Uber’s is looking into flying ones. The ride-hailing giant is working with officials in Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai on testing vehicles “that can take off and land vertically in their cities by 2020,” Bloomberg reports. The company is also teaming up with several aircraft manufacturers and real estate firms for the initiative.

Google Seeks to Eliminate Fake News Through Better Search

Fake news has been a plague on the internet lately, and Google has taken its share of hits. In an attempt to confront the issue, Google announced changes to its search rankings that will hopefully make fake news a thing of the past. The changes include new search quality rater guidelines for real people who evaluate searching the internet through Google, search ranking changes and direct feedback tools for users to flag bad content.

How to Market to Luxury Shoppers on WeChat

Luxury retailers are making the most of WeChat as a marketing tool. Jing Daily reports that brands like Chanel and Montblanc have been turning to China’s popular messaging app to connect with current and potential customers in new ways. In one instance, Michael Kors solicited short videos on its products from WeChat users, with participants earning a chance to win a handbag or perfume.

Snapchat Discover Adds Publishers in Germany

Snap has added its first Germany-based media partners to the social media app’s Discover roster: Spiegel Online, Vice, Bild and Sky Sport. “Starting today, German [Snapchat users] will for the first time have local content in Germany, in German, from German publishers,” Nick Bell, vice president of content at Snap Inc., said in a statement to Business Insider.

Personalization Remains a Problem for Marketers

As the personalization trend reverberates around the advertising industry, marketers clearly know it’s what their customers expect. In a new survey from real-time personalization platform Evergage of over 200 marketers (mostly from the US), almost 90% of respondents said their prospects or customers expect a personalized experience. However, only 45% of marketers said they were “moderately” satisfied with the level of personalization in their marketing efforts.

Google Expands Indian Language Support

Google is taking India’s complicated language situation to heart. While the country doesn’t have an official language, it does have 22 “officially recognized” languages, with dozens more spoken in various regions. Google is now using neural networks to translate nine languages widely spoken in India with the goal of achieving more accurate translations for users of services like Google Maps and its smartphone keyboard, Gboard. Google also added support for 11 more Indian languages.

Personalized VOD Ads to Debut on Channel 4

UK TV network Channel 4 this week announced a new video-on-demand ad format that enables advertisers to incorporate the individual names of All 4 catch-up service viewers into the audio of their advertisements. Using first-party data from All 4’s 15 million-person registered viewer database, launch partners Foster’s, 20th Century Fox and Ronseal will be the first to take advantage of the feature starting this month.

Alipay’s Wealth Management Tool Hits $170 Billion in Assets

Users of Yu’E Bao, the wealth management tool operated by Tencent-owned digital payment service Alipay, now oversees RMB1.14 trillion ($171.6 billion) in assets. Digital wealth management tools like Yu’E Bao are expected to cater to growing demand for financial technology services in China, a market with a growing population with increasing income that has also traditionally been lacking in retail banking and investment offerings.

Thailand’s OTT Services Draw Regulator’s Attention

Thailand’s The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) said it will start regulating streaming video-on-demand (VOD) services from over-the-top content providers to create a more even climate between new offerings and traditional broadcasters. The regulatory body plans to establish a panel to create new guidelines for overseeing such VOD content in Thailand.

—Cliff Annicelli, Rahul Chadha, Rebecca Chadwick, Rimma Kats

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