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Quebec Lags Canada in PC Use

Internet reach is 7 points lower in Quebec than the country as a whole

May 17, 2013

Though their consumption habits are similar to that of Canada as a whole when it comes to TV, radio, print media and local news, consumers in Quebec are laggards in time spent with PCs, according to research from BBM Analytics as cited by the Television Bureau of Canada (TVB).

The study found that in fall 2012, consumers in Quebec spent slightly more time per week watching TV, listening to the radio and reading newspapers than the Canadian average, but spent a striking four hours less time using PCs—at just 14 hours per week vs. 18 hours per week in the whole country. With Quebec making up nearly a quarter of Canada’s population as of the country’s 2001 census, the average for all other provinces would be pushed even higher than 18 hours. Ultimately, this means a significant share of the population in Canada is consuming much less PC-related content than the rest of the country.

Weekly Time Spent with Media by Consumers in Quebec vs. Total Canada, Fall 2012 (hours)

The research also found that overall reach of the internet was 7 percentage points lower in Quebec than in the country as a whole, while penetration of other media was more closely comparable.

Media Reach* Among Consumers in Quebec vs. Total Canada, Fall 2012 (% of population in each group)

Even among younger adults, computer time was lower in Quebec, and disparities were actually smaller for older age groups. Quebecers were also less likely to find online advertising authoritative, effective and persuasive than their counterparts in other provinces.

eMarketer estimates that overall, 26.8 million people in Canada will go online at least monthly via any device in 2013, translating to 77.5% of the country’s population.

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