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Programmatic Digital Display Ads in Germany More Prone to Fraud

Publisher direct ads are less fraudulent, more often viewed

June 2, 2016

Nearly 6% of digital display ads in Germany in Q1 2016 were determined fraudulent. The data, from Integral Ad Science, highlights that programmatic ads are more likely to be fraudulent than publisher direct ads.

Digital Display Ads in Germany that Are Fraudulent*, by Purchase Method, Q1 2016 (% of impressions in each group)

Fraudulent ads—that is, ads with no possibility of being seen by a human—are more commonly sold programmatically, at 6.3%, as opposed to publisher direct ads, at 4.3%. But a higher rate of fraudulence isn’t the only problem when it comes to programmatic advertising.

Programmatic ads are far less likely to be viewed for 1 second or more, at a rate of about 51% vs. the 63.2% of publisher direct ads. That means half of the time, intended viewers aren’t willing to stick around and watch at all.

Viewability Rate for Digital Display Ads in Germany, by Purchase Method and Time, Q1 2016 (% of impressions in each group)

While only around one in five viewers watched 15 or more seconds of a digital display ad in Germany, programmatic ads also trailed significantly when it came to five or more seconds of viewing: publisher direct ads had a viewability rate of 43.5%, while programmatic had just 35%.

eMarketer estimates that total digital display ad spending in Germany will come to $2.16 billion in 2016, growing to $2.28 billion in 2017, at a rate of 5.6%. Eventually, it will hit $2.57 billion in 2020. eMarketer also projects that display ad spending will make up 36.9% of total digital ad spending in Germany this year.

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