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Programmatic Buyers, Sellers Disagree on What's Valuable

Publishers and advertisers emphasize different types of targeting

September 10, 2015

Are you on the buy side or sell side of the programmatic equation? How you answer that question likely determines what you think are the most valuable programmatic offerings, according to research.

Most Valuable/Desired Types of Targeting that US Sell-Side Advertising Professionals Provide in Their Private Marketplaces, July 2015 (% of respondents)

In July 2015, Technorati surveyed US buy-side and sell-side advertising professionals about their programmatic advertising experiences. When each group was asked to choose their top three most valuable types of targeting, there was little consensus.

On the sell side, advertising professionals felt the most valuable or desired form of programmatic targeting was first-look or exclusive access, the clear winner at 68.2% of respondents. Just over half of respondents said contextual targeting was valuable, and 49.7% said the same of the ability to target specific sizes or formats.

But on the buy side, targeting ad sizes and formats was the least valued option, with just 23.2% of respondents.

Types of Targeting that Have Most Maximized Their Private Marketplace ROI According to US Buy-Side Advertising Professionals, July 2015 (% of respondents)

First-look or exclusive access performed better, with more than half of buy-side advertising professionals citing it in their top three, but it was first-party data segments that won out among nearly seven in 10. Viewability was No. 2 on the buy side, with 60.2% support. Both options rated lower among programmatic ad sellers, less than half of whom thought they were very valuable.

As a high-growth area of the digital advertising world, programmatic is evolving rapidly and growing pains have been part of the process for marketers and publishers alike, making such differences unsurprising. eMarketer estimates that US advertisers will spend $14.88 billion on programmatic digital display ads this year, up 48.9% over 2014 spending levels. Next year, programmatic ad spending will grow another 37.2% and account for nearly two-thirds of the overall US digital display ad marketer.

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