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Predictive Marketing Will Be Key Piece of Technology Stack

Most aren’t using it yet

October 29, 2015

Digital marketing has long promised greater effectiveness and efficiency thanks to data, and a host of tools and techniques have been added to the marketing stack to that end. Predictive marketing—a method of extracting information from customer datasets to detect a pattern and, ultimately, predict future outcomes and trends—is quickly becoming important among business-to-business (B2B) marketers.

According to a September 2015 EverString survey, more than two-thirds of US B2B marketing professionals at the director level or higher believe predictive marketing will be a key piece of the marketing stack.

For most, though, it isn’t key yet. Almost half (47%) of respondents said their company is aware of predictive marketing and currently investigating how to use it. Nearly a quarter more not only did not use predictive marketing, but also said the concept was new to them.

Among those who are using it, most have not fully bought in. Of all respondents, 25% said they are currently using some predictive tools, and only 2% said their company is fully committed to predictive marketing.

Predictive marketing is not the only thing respondents are adding to their marketing stack. Lead scoring is also important: 40% said they are using tools their marketing automation provides. Furthermore, 21% said they score their leads manually, while 7% said they use predictive lead scoring. Still, a third of respondent said they do not know what lead scoring is.

Marketing technology is maturing, and with that, companies are gradually adopting it. Although only 10% of US B2B marketing professionals believe they are the “NASA of marketing tech,” more than a third feel they have a basic tech stack with CRM, marketing automation and a few tools. Only 2% don’t know what marketing tech is.

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