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Pop Quiz: Programmatic Advertising

Think you’re on top of the key developments of 2016?

December 27, 2016 | Advertising

Think you’re on top of the key developments of 2016? Take our end-of-the-year quiz and gauge your expertise on programmatic advertising.

Question 1: Seems like everyone was talking about header bidding in 2016. OK. So what exactly is header bidding?

  • A. An ad tech term that continues to mystify many in the industry
  • B. A process that allows publishers to offer their ad inventory to programmatic buyers before direct-selling the inventory
  • C. A link between SSPs and DSPs that can lead to optimized pricing
  • D. All of the above

Question 2: OK, so maybe you weren't so sure what header bidding is. What about an ad server?

  • A. A repository where media buyers house their ad creative assets
  • B. A piece of technology that determines what ads appear on a publisher's page, and then delivers them
  • C. A piece of code or data that's stored in a user's web browser
  • D. A layer of technology that allows publisher sites to organize and monetize ad inventory

Question 3: According to an August 2016 survey by Strata, what is the greatest fear that agency professionals have about programmatic buying?

  • A. Loss of control
  • B. Lack of understanding
  • C. Inventory quality
  • D. All of the above

Question 4: A June 2016 survey by Falcon.io found that nearly two-thirds of marketers in the US and Europe use social data in marketing. Which of the following is NOT an example of social data?

  • A. Product reviews
  • B. SEO ranking
  • C. Likes
  • D. Shares

Question 5: A survey by Ascend2 in October 2016 found one barrier more than any other worried marketers when it came to marketing technology. What topped their worry list?

  • A. Lack of technical skills
  • B. No clear strategy
  • C. Poor data quality
  • D. Budget limitations

Answer Key

Question 1

Answer: D. Header bidding is a complex topic but worth understanding. A September survey of publishers by Digiday found nearly half said header bidding drove higher CPMS.

Question 2

Answer: B. Remember: Both buyers and sellers of display ad inventory use ad servers.

Question 3

Answer: C. About one-third of the respondents said they don't use programmatic at all.

Question 4

Answer: B. SEO, or search engine optimization, remains a core skill for marketers, but it is not social data.

Question 5

Answer: D. More than 40% of the respondents said "inadequate budget" was the biggest challenge.

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