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In Poland, Ad Blocking Users Complain of Too Many Ads

Ad blocking users are annoyed by intrusive placements

September 16, 2016

For ad blocking users in Poland, there’s a simple, if unpalatable, way to motivate 60% of them to consider uninstalling their blocker: Display fewer ads on the internet. But many would also respond to efforts from publishers to lock them out of content.

Situations in Which Ad Blocking Users in Poland Would Consider Uninstalling Ad Blockers, April 2016 (% of respondents)

The April 2016 survey from MEC Wavemaker also highlights that beyond blocking access and removing ads, there’s not much that will motivate an ad blocking user to even consider uninstallation. Fewer than one in five respondents cared about their favorite sites losing income, and only one in 10 would uninstall an ad blocker if using one meant a lower quality of service.

But blocking access to content may be a real option, as nearly half of those surveyed said they would consider uninstalling an ad blocker. Of course, that also means losing some potential visitors who simply won’t uninstall their blocker or add a site to a whitelist.

Because, again, ad blocking users in Poland really dislike ads online.

Reasons that Ad Blocking Users in Poland Install Ad Blocking Software, April 2016 (% of respondents)

Three-quarters of those surveyed said they installed ad blocking software because they were annoyed by the presence of ads on the internet. It’s worth noting that just 9% cited privacy, and 15% pointed to a lack of interest in the products presented in the ads.

Other complaints also pointed to irritation with heavy ad loads or user-unfriendly placements: More than half of respondents had begun blocking ads because they could not see page content while ads were present.

Digital ad spending has been growing quickly in Poland despite these issues. According to the Interactive Advertising Association Europe (IAB Europe) and IHS, spending on digital placements was up 21.8% in 2015. That was faster growth than in any other European market besides Ireland and Bulgaria.

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