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Photos Cluttering Your Facebook Feed? Here’s Why

Pictures account for majority of brand Facebook posts

Many brands appear to be saying “Cheese!” for the camera—or at least for Facebook. According to March 2014 research by, photos were the most common content posted by Facebook pages, accounting for 75% of posts worldwide. In comparison, second-place links claimed just 10% of posts.

Primary Type of Content Posted by Facebook Pages Worldwide, March 2014 (% of total)

A January 2014 study by quintly found similar results, though photos grabbed a smaller share here (54%). Links ranked second again, with 30% of posts. The difference in share may be due to the different pages and content types included in’s and quintly’s studies.

Primary Type of Content Posted by Facebook Pages Worldwide, Jan 2014 (% of total)

Because of their overwhelming Facebook presence, photos shared on the social network were the most popular by far. looked at the top 10% of posts made by more than 30,000 Facebook brand pages and found that photos saw the most action—with a whopping 87% of total interactions. No other content type claimed more than 4% of the overall post pie.

Most Shared Posts from Facebook Pages Worldwide, March 2014 (% of total)

However, was quick to note that not all pictures posted on Facebook are created equal. In order to see high response rates, brands must share quality photos.

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