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Personalized Ads Lift Brand Favorability, Purchase Intent

Internet users exposed to personalized ads report higher brand favorability, intent to buy

April 16, 2015

Shoppers want retailers to provide a personalized experience across channels, and November 2014 research by IPG Media Lab and Yahoo found that personalized ads boosted brand favorability and purchase intent among the more than 5,000 US internet users ages 16 and older polled.

Brand Favorability and Purchase Intent Among US Internet Users Exposed to Personalized Ads, by Type, Nov 2014 (% of respondents)

Location-based ads were the most effective at improving brand favorability; 55% of respondents exposed to such placements were favorable to the brand. Across all ad types studied by IPG and Yahoo, including those based on social media sites accessed, search activity and past purchases, at least half of respondents said personalization made them think more positively about a brand, vs. 46% who said the same about standard ads with no personalization.

Meanwhile, ads based on social media sites accessed had the biggest influence on purchase intent, with just under half of respondents saying so. Around four in 10 said the same about location, search and past purchase ads, compared with 36% who said standard placements lifted intent to buy.

Results from December 2014 polling by the e-tailing group for MyBuys support the idea that personalized ads boost intent to purchase. Fully 52% of US digital buyers said they were more likely to engage or purchase from a new brand when they saw online ads for products they were interested in based on browsing or buying behavior, and just under half (49%) said they bought more from retailers that personalized online ads promoting offers and products from websites they visited. One-third said they bought more from retailers that served such ads on social.

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