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Personalization Sees Payoffs in Marketing Emails

Recipients willing to share shopping details, receive more emails

January 28, 2014

At least one element of Big Data’s potential is finally being realized in email marketing, which is one of the most effective means that brands and marketers have in reaching their audiences. Marketers can now take information gleaned from shopping habits and other preferences and then shape their messaging in order to have a greater impact on potential customers. But how do the customers themselves feel about these changes?

A December 2013 survey of US digital shoppers conducted by Harris Interactive found that the majority of recipients of emails containing personalization drawing from previous shopping behaviors and preferences would be more likely to increase their purchases as a result. In fact, 81% of respondents said they were at least somewhat likely to make additional purchases, either online or in-store, as a result of targeted emails.

Likelihood that US Digital Shoppers* Will Purchase More Items** After Receiving Personalized Emails About Products***, Dec 2013 (% of total)

Respondents also showed a clear inclination toward receiving more emails, as long as the new correspondence had taken into account past shopping habits. Fully 82% of those polled were at least somewhat willing to handle the increase in messaging, with just 18% indicating that they had no interest.

Willingness of US Digital Shoppers* to Receive Additional Promotional Emails from Retailers if Personalized**, Dec 2013 (% of total)

A majority of consumers were also not shy about sharing more information about shopping preferences with retailers in order to improve the types of messages they would receive. Nearly seven in 10 said they would disclose personal facts if the emails they received were more relevant as a result.

US Digital Shoppers* Who Are Willing to Share Personal Preferences with Retailers to Receive More Relevant Emails, Dec 2013 (% of total)

Part of this willingness is likely due to the fact that email recipients have already agreed to opt in to receiving messages, making them more accepting of emails with increased relevancy.

eMarketer projects that there will be 222.9 million US email users in 2014, with that figure climbing to 236.8 million by 2017.


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