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Pay TV Holds Steady in Argentina

Pay TV accounts for a majority of all viewing time

February 17, 2016

Pay TV services are not getting more viewers in Argentina this year, but cord-cutting does not appear to be a significant factor in the country either.

Pay TV Subscriptions and Household Penetration in Argentina, 2009-2016 (millions and % of TV households)

According to Ibope, the number of households in Argentina with subscriptions to pay TV services will hold steady this year at 4.2 million, unchanged since 2015. In 2014, there were somewhat more pay TV subscriptions in the country, at 4.3 million.

This year, pay TV subscribers will represent 80.9% of households—a penetration rate down a few points from 2015 and 2014, but in line with pay TV’s reach as recently as 2012.

While subscriptions may appear to be stagnating, and reach is slightly down, by other measures consumers in Argentina are watching more pay TV than ever. In 2015, 53.2% of all TV time in Argentina was spent with pay TV as opposed to broadcast services. That share has risen slowly but steadily over the past several years, surpassing 50% in 2014. In 2005, for example, just 34.5% of TV viewing time in Argentina occurred with pay TV.

According to earlier research from TGI Latina, 78.1% of individual consumers in Argentina watched cable or satellite TV in 2014, while 94.4% watched broadcast TV.

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