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Parents in Japan Hand Over Smartphones for Video, Photo Viewing

Most kids 6 and under use smartphones at least sometimes

February 1, 2016

Most parents in Japan say they let their kids use a smartphone at least sometimes. According to 2015 research, children use the devices most to consume visual media.

Smartphone Activities Conducted by Child* Smartphone Users in Japan According to Their Parents, Nov 2015 (% of respondents)

In November, the Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) polled smartphone owners in Japan who had children ages 6 or younger about their children’s mobile experiences. More than three in four said they allowed their children to use a smartphone.

This translated to high penetration of smartphone usage in Japan among young children, ranging from a low of 71% among babies under 1 year to a high of 85% among 3-year-olds.

But usage was mostly occasional: 57% of parents did not let their kids use smartphones on a weekly basis. Just 15% said their children used a smartphone daily. Nearly 60% of parents said the time their children spent with smartphones amounted to less than 10 minutes per day.

When they are using smartphones, kids in Japan have a primarily visual focus. About three-quarters watch videos on smartphones, and two-thirds take or view photos. No other activity was participated in by a majority of child smartphone users.

Other research, centered around Southeast Asia, found that older children were heavy mobile users, with mobile phone and tablet enjoying wider penetration across the region than desktop or laptop PCs.

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