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Parents in France See Tablets as Child-Friendly Devices

Larger households overindex for tablet ownership

October 11, 2013

Children in France are using a variety of mobile devices from a young age, with those specifically designed for children getting extra attention. According to a May 2013 Leapfrog survey, tablets got significant use from children in households where parents owned such devices, whereas smartphones, while more common, were much less likely to be regularly used by children.

While 68% of households with children between 3 and 9 years old had a smartphone, only 23% of children in those homes regularly used such a device. More than half of parents in France reported having electronic learning games in their home, and 56% of children in such households played with them often or very often. Tablets were only present in 37% of homes, but when they were available, children were likely to use them, at 54% playing them regularly. Children's tablets were in a far more minimal 22% of homes, yet within those homes, unsurprisingly, the devices were extremely popular with children, used by 68%.

Devices Used by Children* in France to Play Interactive Educational Games According to Their Parents, by Frequency, May 2013 (% of respondents)

There is a significant proportion of parents who resisted electronic games altogether, however, with 41% of those whose children did not play such games considering their children to be too young, and 39% preferring traditional nonelectronic games.

Tablet uptake has been impressive in France, perhaps spurring more households with children to employ the devices for educational purposes. The proportion of the population owning a tablet more than doubled from 7% to 15% between 2012 and 2013, according to research from CA Com, a French retail consultancy.

Futher research by Prixtel, conducted in February, found that the larger the family, the greater the chance that they will own a tablet. Those web users living in households with three or more people overindexed for tablet ownership, at 31.8% of such residences, vs. 27% of households of any size.

Tablet Owners in France, by Household Size, Feb 2013 (% of internet users)

It seems families are among those leading growth in tablet uptake in France, and moreover, many are seeing the tablet as a device that’s beneficial to children, as well as adults.

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