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One in 10 Digital Purchases in Norway Are Made on Mobile Phones

August 22, 2014 | Retail & Ecommerce

Even though most consumers in Norway have access to the internet via mobile phone or tablet, the majority still turn to computers and laptops when making digital purchases. According to Q1 2014 data from Enterprise Federation of Norway and TNS Gallup Norway, fully 80% of business-to-consumer (B2C) digital purchases in that time period were made on a computer. Twelve percent of digital purchases were made on tablets, and only 6% were made on mobile phones.

Share of B2C Ecommerce Sales and Purchases in Norway, by Device, Q1 2014 (% of total)

The number of purchases made on mobile phones and tablets varied significantly with age. Internet users ages 30 to 39 were most likely to be mcommerce buyers, and nearly one-fifth (18%) of digital purchases they made in Q1 2014 were on tablets. Another 12% were made via mobile phone.

Predictably, older internet users were less likely to use mobile phones and tablets for buying goods or services on the web. Seven percent of digital purchases made by internet users ages 60 and up during Q1 2014 were via tablet, and only 1% were made on a mobile phone. Two percent were unspecified, meaning that the lion's share (90%) of digital purchases they made were via computer or laptop.

In terms of B2C ecommerce sales in Norway, the largest share (87%) came from computers and laptops during Q1 2014. Another 9% of sales came from digital purchases made on tablets, and only 1% were from digital purchases made on mobile phones. The fact that the share of digital purchases made via mobile phones is somewhat higher than its share of sales indicates that mobile phones tend to be used for smaller, less expensive purchases. For example, mobile phone buyers in Norway tend to purchase train and bus tickets fairly commonly on their devices, and use computers and laptops when they want to buy bigger, more expensive items on the web.

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