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Older Buyers (Really) Don't Care About Same-Day Delivery

Millennials’ views haven’t really changed

November 20, 2015

Same-day delivery services like Amazon Now, Instacart and Uber have proliferated. But whether such services are important to digital buyers can depend on their age—and may be getting less likely, especially among the oldest groups.

Digital Buyers in North America Who Believe Same-Day Delivery Is Important, by Generation, 2013 & 2015 (% of respondents)

According to Bizrate Insights, a division of Connexity, 22% of digital buyers in North America believed same-day delivery was important in 2013. Fast-forward to 2015, and only 18% agreed.

There were two patterns detectable when the survey group was broken down by age. In the 2015 polling, just as in 2013, it was the youngest respondents who cared most about same-day delivery. As respondents got older, they were less likely to say it was important.

Additionally, the decrease in importance over time was more pronounced as digital buyers got older. In 2013, 10% of seniors said same-day delivery was important, but by 2015 only 5% thought so—a 50% decrease in two years. Gen Xers and baby boomers also believed that same-day delivery was less important this year than it was in 2013, but those drops only amounted to changes of 17.4% and 23.5%, respectively.

Shipping/Delivery Options that US Internet Users Would Be Willing to Purchase*, Sep 2014 (% of respondents)

Millennials, however, haven’t really changed their views on same-day delivery. In 2013, 31% of millennials believed same-day delivery was important and by 2015, 30% still felt that it was valuable.

Though most digital buyers don’t believe same-day delivery is key, many internet users are willing to pay for the service. September 2014 data by PricewaterhouseCoopers(PwC) revealed that when it came to shipping and delivery options, 61% of US internet users would be willing to pay for same-day delivery.

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