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Obstacles Hold Back Marketing Tech in Australia and New Zealand

Insufficient budgets and lack of understanding are key challenges

March 22, 2016

Marketers in Australia and New Zealand appear to be ready to embrace marketing technology tools. However, challenges like platform integration, lack of knowledge about the discipline and tight budgets are all common.

Extent to Which Their Marketing Technology Platforms Are Integrated According to Marketers and IT Professionals in Australia and New Zealand, Dec 2015 (% of respondents)

According to a December 2015 survey by software firm Squiz of IT professionals and marketers in the two countries, who were asked about the level of integration for their companies’ marketing technology platforms, 55% of respondents said they hadn’t even started yet, or the systems were just starting to sync up.

Another roadblock for marketers in Australia and New Zealand is trying to make sense of how various marketing technologies work. This is particularly true for marketing technology topics like marketing automation and customer experience.

Digital Marketing Areas that Marketers in Australia and New Zealand Would Like to Understand Better, Dec 2015 (% of respondents)

According to the same Squiz study, marketing automation and customer experience were the top two areas of the digital spectrum respondents wished they could understand better, with 52% and 46% percent mentioning the topics.

Yet another challenge is budget. As technology-intensive marketing systems become more widespread, marketing and IT professionals in Australia and New Zealand are finding it more difficult to get the necessary budgets for implementation. When listing obstacles to achieving marketing technology goals, respondents in the Squiz study on both the IT and marketing teams listed budget as the top response, with nearly half indicating cost was their top challenge.

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