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Not Happy with Your Email Metrics? Include a Coupon

Emails with discounts have higher open, click and transaction rates

March 17, 2014

eMarketer estimates that last year, the majority of US adults used digital coupons, and that figure will rise to 55.0% this year. Judging by recent research, it’s likely that many of those coupons will come from emails.

According to a Q4 2013 study, emails sent by Experian Marketing Services clients that included coupons saw more success than those with no coupons. Email campaigns that offered recipients a coupon had a 34% higher unique click rate and a 14% higher unique open rate. In addition, transaction rates saw a 27% lift.

Lift in Select Email Marketing Performance Metrics in North America, Coupons vs. No Coupons, Q4 2013 (% lift among emails sent by Experian Marketing Services clients)

Revenue per email for communications that contained coupons saw the most success. This was 48% higher compared with other promotional emails.

But research has found that sometimes coupons aren’t enough—personalized offers are what consumers really want, and they’re more likely to make a purchase after receiving personalized emails. This is likely why August 2013 polling by RIS News found that half of retailers in North America were planning to send emails with personalized offers in the next 12 months, compared with one-quarter of respondents who already did this. Based on Experian’s findings, there’s little doubt that these efforts will pay off.


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