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Mothers Share Their Brand, Coupon Preferences

Thirty-five percent follow brands or stores on social

September 17, 2013

Although mothers are known to be especially active on social networks, that does not mean they will necessarily endorse their favorite brands by following them on social media. A June 2013 survey of US mothers participating in the community found that just more than one-third of respondents followed brands or stores on social media, while 65% said they did not.

This still put mothers ahead of participants overall in terms of their receptivity to following brands on social. More than seven out of 10 total respondents said they did not do this.

US Mother Internet Users Who Follow Brands and/or Stores on Social Media, June 2013 (% of respondents)

But that doesn’t mean mothers aren’t inclined to share their preferences and recommendations at a reasonably high rate—it just may be on their own terms.

A July 2013 Burst Media survey of US mothers on the web found that across all age groups, well over half of respondents posted about products or services on social media. And about 70% of the youngest mothers surveyed—those between 18 and 34 years old—did so. Shopping and retail ecommerce sites were also popular places for sharing opinions on products or services.

Digital Channels Where US Mother Internet Users Post About Products/Services, by Age, July 2013 (% of respondents in each group)

The survey found that a major incentive among mothers who did follow brands and stores on social was to receive discounts or special offers. Seventy-one percent of those who followed a brand socially said they did so for the discounts, and 69% did so to receive special offers.

Similarly, Burst Media’s research found that 56.1% of mothers surveyed shared coupons or incentives on social, a significantly higher rate than followed brands on social media. Of these coupon-sharers, more than one-quarter posted about coupons at least somewhat frequently.

Frequency with Which US Mother Internet Users Share or Post Coupons/Incentives on Social Media, July 2013 (% of total)

Mothers are on the web scouring for deals and discounts, and they want to share what they find with others. They might not be overwhelmingly inclined to passively endorse a brand or store on social media, but with the right incentive, they’re much more likely to spread the word around.

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