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Most Retailers Offer Mobile Coupons, Payments

Using mobile strategically is a challenge

August 9, 2016

Coupons are the No. 1 way US retailers have gotten into mobile, according to April 2016 research by mobile development firm PointSource. But retailers may be getting involved in the space with strategic uncertainty.

Mobile Tactics/Technologies Used by Their Company According to US Retail Marketing/IT Professionals, April 2016 (% of respondents)

Almost 60% of US retail marketing and IT professionals surveyed said their company used mobile coupons, the highest of any mobile tactic or technology. Another 51% offered mobile payments, and 40% said their company had a loyalty app.

What’s more, just 3% said they weren’t using any of the tactics mentioned—meaning just about all retailers are using mobile. But they also reported facing big challenge when it came to implementing mobile strategically.

Retail marketing and IT professionals in the US commonly said integrating mobile strategy into their company’s overall marketing strategy was one of the biggest challenges of executing mobile successfully. Over 50% cited strategy integration as the biggest challenge faced.

Biggest Challenges in Executing a Successful Mobile Strategy According to US Retail Marketing/IT Professionals, April 2016 (% of respondents)

Over 40% also cited uniting marketing and IT departments as a major hurdle; 24% found the lack of internal resources—think things like staffing—were a problem when trying to execute a successful mobile strategy.

eMarketer projects growth in the share of US retailers offering mobile coupons in the coming years, though we estimate slightly fewer currently do than the PointSource survey found. This year, 46.5% of US retailers will offer mobile coupons, up from 42.5% in 2015. The share will reach 55.5% by 2020.

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