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And the Most Influential Media Is...

In five major markets, TV still dominates.

January 21, 2009

TV still has the most influence on purchasing decisions in five major markets—even among Internet users—according to a study conducted in September and October 2008 by Deloitte.

The Internet and traditional media such as magazines, newspapers and radio constituted a second tier of influence among online consumers surveyed in the US, UK, Japan, Germany and Brazil.

Types of Advertising that Have the Most Impact on the Buying Decisions of Internet Users in Select Countries, September-October 2008 (% of respondents)

Television’s dominance came despite the majority of consumers in all five countries saying their computers were used more for entertainment than their TVs. Deloitte said the top two Internet ad influences across all countries were search engine results and banner ads.

“In the US, television commands one-fourth of total ad dollars across all media,” said Carol Krol, eMarketer senior analyst. “Many marketers indicate despite the fragmentation of media and consumers’ shift in media consumption toward digital media, TV still does the best job of reaching a critical mass of customers. It remains the most effective way to boost brand awareness.”

The reason TV continues to hold such sway is partially a matter of momentum, since TV ad spending still dwarfs spending on other media—especially online. eMarketer estimates advertisers spent nearly $70 billion on TV ads in 2008, compared with $23.6 billion online.

US TV Advertising Spending, 2007-2010 (billions and % change)

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