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Most Consumers Shop for Footwear, Apparel In-Store

45% of males said they only shop in-store for footwear

June 14, 2016

Shopping for clothes and shoes is still primarily an in-store affair for both men and women, according to April 2016 research.

US Internet Users Who Primarily Shop for Apparel and Footwear Digitally vs. In-Store, by Gender, April 2016 (% of respondents in each group)

Body Labs surveyed 1,130 US internet users about their retail purchasing behaviors. Nearly half of the men surveyed who shopped for footwear said they only did so in-store. Almost a quarter more said they shop for shoes mostly in-store, adding up to 69% who primarily relied on brick-and-mortar outlets for their footwear needs.

To compare, more than a third of female internet users who bought shoes said they only shop in-store for footwear. Some 29% said they shop digitally less than in-store, making it 65% of female internet users who were more likely to buy footwear in stores.

The survey also looked at apparel shopping behaviors. Again, most internet users, regardless of gender, said they primarily or only shop for apparel in-store, though the skew was not as heavy as for footwear.

For example, 63% of men who shopped for clothes did so mostly or online in stores, including just 28% who never shopped for apparel digitally. A comparatively low 55% of women respondents relied mostly on stores for apparel shopping, including 21% who shopped for clothing only in stores.

Across both categories, only a handful of male or female internet users shopped for these items only via digital: 4% of men said so about both apparel and footwear. When it came to females, 3% said the same for both categories.

US Internet Users Who Like* to Purchase Products Digitally and Pick Up In-Store, by Demographic, Oct 2014 & Oct 2015 (% of respondents in each group)

A separate study from King Retail Solutions (KRS) also looked at the buying behaviors of shoppers and found that consumers like to shop digitally and pick up in-store. Indeed, the data revealed that more than half of male internet users said they liked purchasing products digitally and picking them up in-store—and they had done it in the past year. That was an increase from the 45% of males who said they liked to do so a year prior.

Similarly, half of the female internet users polled said they like to purchase products online and pick them up in-store in October 2015, up from 36% a year before.

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