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Most CBS All Access Users Watch Current Content

April 26, 2017 | Video

Marc DeBevoise
CBS All Access

CBS All Access, the subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service of CBS television network, launched in 2014 with 6,500 available episodes of existing shows and has since added an array of content like just-aired episodes, original shows and live sports. eMarketer’s Sean Creamer spoke with Marc DeBevoise, the steaming service’s COO, about the makeup of the CBS All Access audience and content library, as well as the unique concerns among advertisers.

eMarketer: Are users more likely to watch CBS All Access for new or archived content?

Marc DeBevoise: Seventy percent of our viewership watches current content, which includes current show seasons and live shows. The other 30% watches past seasons or something else from our library.

eMarketer: Are users primarily watching CBS All Access via connected TVs?

DeBevoise: From a device perspective, about 65% of viewing time is spent on connected televisions—that includes a TV connected to a casting device or other device. That [bumps to] 75% of viewing time when you look at live TV.

eMarketer: What’s the demographic breakdown of your viewership?

DeBevoise: Over 60% is 18 to 49 years old, over 30% is millennials ages 18 to 34 and the average age is in the mid-40s. It’s slightly skewed female—it’s a 60-40 female-to-male ratio.

“About 65% of viewing time [on CBS All Access] is spent on connected televisions.”

eMarketer: What’s the target audience for CBS All Access?

DeBevoise: We’re going after two constituencies with the service. The first is superfans—the people who love CBS. Can we amplify what those superfans want and give them more of it or different versions of it? The second group is cord-cutters or cord-nevers who have either exited or never joined the multichannel bundle ecosystem. We don’t want to lose those people.

eMarketer: How is new content balanced with archived content?

DeBevoise: The majority of our content comes directly from CBS. It’s episodes of the current show seasons airing on television and live content, including sports like NFL games.

For our original content, we’re figuring out what would be a premium version of those linear shows. Our first original scripted drama called “The Good Fight,” a spinoff of “The Good Wife,” has a 10-episode run with a new episode releasing every Sunday. We’re also launching a new “Star Trek” series called “Star Trek: Discovery” this fall, and there will be more original series coming out over the next couple years.

“Advertisers want to know the context of the content and how it relates to the ad they’re delivering.”

eMarketer: Are there advertising opportunities in CBS All Access?

DeBevoise: The majority of SVOD services launched ad-free. It’s between us and Hulu in the pure SVOD space who are able to sell an ad slot against a viewer. We also have a large free streaming business as well for CBS News, the most recent five episdes of CBS shows in their current season and some sports coverage.

eMarketer: What do marketers want from their ad buys in the SVOD space?

DeBevoise: Advertisers want to know the context of the content and how it relates to the ad they’re delivering. [We tell our advertisers that] no videos they’re not expecting will run against an ad. The second requirement is making sure ads are viewable. Our video ads have a 90% to 95% viewability rate.

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