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Moms are hot demographic at social-networking sites

eMarketer reports 32 million mothers are online

June 15, 2006

NEW YORK, NY (June 15, 2006)—Marketers, meet Mom. Web-savvy and 32-million strong, U.S. mothers spend almost as much time online as women as a group, according to eMarketer's new report, Moms Online: Parenting With Web 2.0. But mothers are not just tooling around on children and parenting sites. The biggest opportunity for marketers targeting moms online is social networking sites.

US Female Internet Users with Children*, 2005 & 2010 (millions and % of total Internet users)

More than any other demographic group, mothers seek out other mothers for support and advice. Not surprisingly, the highest-visited category for moms online is community areas, also known as social networking sites. While visits to family and kids' sites actually dropped among females with children in the last year, community sites attracted 70% of mothers online.

Moms comprise 13% of the 48 million visitors on, and are pouring onto sites set up just for them, such as ClubMom and, a site facilitating in-person meetings of people with similar interests, has garnered more than 35,000 stay-at-home mother members.

"There is now a recognized need for a new generation of parenting sites that tap into the social power of consumer-generated content and word-of-mouth information sharing," says Debra Aho Williamson, senior analyst, author of the eMarketer report.

Mothers' ad awareness is actually greater on gaming and community sites than on family and kids sites. But marketers need to be wary of being intrusive or condescending, Ms. Williamson warns. "There is a fine line between marketers being helpful and being intrusive. Mothers who are seeking online advice from other mothers about the best brand of self-tanner for example, present a perfect opportunity for a marketer to offer coupons or samples," Williamson says.

Visit for more information on eMarketer's Moms Online: Parenting With Web 2.0.

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