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Moms Still Make Social a Priority

Moms more likely to be on Facebook, Twitter than Gen X

March 21, 2013

Women with children living at home are prime targets for marketers, making many household purchase decisions and also spending significant amounts of time with media—especially digital.

eMarketer estimates that mothers are significantly more likely to be internet users than the average American, at 94.5% vs. 75.7% of the overall population at the end of 2012. That’s nearly 34 million moms using the web on at least a monthly basis, a number that will inch up in coming years.

More than eight in 10 of these women use social networking sites at least once per month, with three-quarters using Facebook specifically. That makes moms more avid social networkers than Gen Xers, though slightly less likely than millennials to use the services.

Profile of US Mom Internet Users, 2012

Twitter is significantly less popular, with just 17% of online moms using the service at least monthly. By this metric, again, moms are ahead of Gen Xers but slightly behind millennial usage levels. Overall, women living with children under 18 in the home accounted for 17.9% of the entire US Twitter audience—a sizeable share for marketers targeting moms on social networks.

And while blogging is not the hot new phenomenon it once was, moms are still reading and writing on these websites. Nearly four in 10 online moms read blogs at least once per month in 2012, and more than 4 million moms wrote them.

US Mom Internet Users Who Blog, 2012-2017

These numbers are fairly static, with blog reading and writing having reached a saturation point. But they still leave moms accounting for nearly 18% of all adult bloggers in the US last year—and nearly 20% of adult blog readers.

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