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Mobile's Still Far Behind Desktop for Retail Ecommerce Revenues

Three-quarters of retail ecommerce sales come from nonmobile sources

February 24, 2015

Desktop and laptop PCs still account for an outright majority of retail ecommerce site traffic, according to Q4 2014 data from MarketLive—and an outsize amount of total retail ecommerce revenues, as well.

US Retail Ecommerce Metrics, by Device, Q4 2014

Though mobile shoppers accounted for 75.9% of all US digital shoppers in 2014, and mobile buyers for 63.7% of digital buyers, eMarketer estimates, MarketLive found that nearly 56% of traffic to retail sites came from nonmobile sources, as did three-quarters of revenues. Tablets, which are typically understood to have a digital shopping use case closer to that of PCs than to that of smartphones, accounted for almost as much revenue share as traffic. But smartphones only accounted for about one-third as much revenues as traffic, supporting the position that smartphones are more commonly used for browsing and research activities than for actually completing a purchase.

By several other metrics, including bounce rate and add-to-cart rate, smartphones were the odd device out, with tablet and desktop behaviors more similar to each other.

Evidence abounds that mobile phones are still for upper-funnel shopping activities, with users more likely to close the deal in person or on a PC. According to the MarketLive data, smartphones drove the lowest revenue share for catalogers and housewares and furnishings, at 7.9% and 9.0% of the total, respectively. Smartphone revenue share topped out at 13.3%, for apparel, footwear and accessories retailers.

Traffic share for smartphones was higher across retail sectors, with a low of 23.7% of catalog site traffic and a high of 35.7% for beauty and health retailers.

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