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Mobile Video Advertisers Demand More Inventory

Enthusiasm for automating the procurement of digital video ads remains high

February 10, 2016

Mobile video ads can be effective and valuable for many marketers, and eMarketer estimates that video will also command a large portion of ad spending allocated to digital. And publishers and advertisers are becoming more comfortable selling and buying mobile video programmatically, per research.

Share of Mobile Ad Requests Worldwide that Are for Video Inventory, H2 2014-H2 2015 (% of total on Inneractive's platform)

Inneractive looked at the share of mobile ad requests worldwide that were for video inventory, from H2 2014 to H2 2015. The data represented the activity on Inneractive’s platform.

In H2 2014, just 4% of mobile ad requests worldwide were for video inventory. By H1 2015, that share had more than quadrupled to 17%. And in H2 2015, 40% of mobile ad requests were for video inventory—more than twice the share again.

The large increase is likely due to the introduction of mobile private marketplaces and programmatic direct. Furthermore, there is additional mobile video inventory being sold programmatically, and it’s expected to continue growing this year.

US Programmatic Digital Video Ad Spending, 2014-2017 (billions, % change and % of total digital video ad spending)

In fact, US programmatic digital video ad spending reached $2.91 billion in 2015, accounting for 39% of 2015’s total US digital video ad spend, according to eMarketer estimates. Overall, enthusiasm for automating the procurement of digital video ads remains high, but investment trails in comparison to the broader digital display market.

In addition, eMarketer forecast that 59% of the $26.15 billion spent on US digital display ads in 2015 would be transacted programmatically, but just 39% of US digital video ad dollars were spent that way. By 2017, however, that portion will move closer to the broader average for programmatic activity (72%), accounting for 65%, or $7.43 billion.

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