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Mobile Users Trust Banking Security

Vast majority are satisfied with their banks’ security measures

October 27, 2015

Data breaches, hacks and leaks at high-profile companies are regular occurrences, so it makes sense that digital security is currently a major talking point both in the tech world and among consumers. But according to February 2015 CTIA-The Wireless Association research conducted by The Harris Poll, many US smartphone and tablet owners are content to trust their banks with mobile security.

Reasons that US Smartphone/Tablet Owners Do Not Use Additional Security/Encryption Measures for Mobile Banking, Feb 2015 (% of respondents)

More than three-quarters of mobile banking users said that they did not bother to use any additional security or encryption over and above what their bank provided. Indeed, only 23% took extra precautions.

Among those satisfied with bank-provided security measures, 54% believed such measures were enough to protect them. Another 15% felt other defenses were too complicated or difficult to use. Another issue was that, according to 12% of respondents, additional measures don’t provide enough protection to make employing them worth it. Only 8% cited a lack of knowledge as their only obstacle.

Perhaps when it comes to banking people are, if still concerned, trusting enough to believe that banks can protect them while on mobile. When it comes to other issues of mobile security, smartphone and tablet users seem to have gotten a bit more serious over the past couple years.

Mobile Security-Related Actions Taken by US Smartphone vs. Tablet Owners, 2012 & 2015 (% of respondents)

This year, the same survey found that 61% of smartphone users, for example, use a PIN or password to protect their phone. That was up 11 percentage points over 2012 levels.

On tablets, 58% locked their devices with a PIN or password—up 10 points since three years prior.

More respondents also had antivirus software on their devices. Other security measures, however, were actually down. Respondents were slightly less likely to update their devices regularly or use remote locking software (which could possibly be because of greater use of PINs).

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