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Mobile Phone Users Are Happy with Their Wireless Carrier

Most would recommend their service provider to friends and family

July 12, 2016

Generally, US mobile phone users are satisfied with their service provider, May 2016 research revealed. And many said they’re likely to recommend the carrier to friends or family.

Likelihood of Recommending/Level of Satisfaction with Their Primary Mobile Service Provider According to US Mobile Phone Users, May 2016 (% of respondents)

Market Force Research asked mobile phone users to rate their satisfaction, as well as the likelihood of recommending the provider, on a scale from one to five.

Seventy percent of mobile phone users said they were likely to recommend their primary mobile carrier to friends or family members. Some 19% of respondents were neutral, and 11% said they were not likely to recommend their carrier.

Mobile users were even more likely to say they were satisfied with their service—more than three-quarters of respondents said so, and 18% were neutral. Just 6% of mobile phone users said they were not satisfied with their carrier.

The survey also looked at how long mobile phone users have been with their carrier. More than three-quarters of respondents had been with their primary mobile service provider for more than two years. Some 12% had been with their carrier for one to two years, and 10% have been with their provider for less than a year.

Frequency with Which US Smartphone Owners Purchase a New Smartphone, by Gender and OS, June 2016 (% of respondents in each group)

It’s not surprising that many mobile phone users have been with their carrier for so long, given that providers offer consumers discounted devices when they sign up for a two-year contract. However, that may be changing because most major carriers have stopped offering this benefit. Mobile users are now paying the full cost of their devices, though carriers have enticed some with payment plans that may also be keeping them locked in to a particular service provider.

This may be why smartphone owners are waiting years to upgrade their device. Indeed, June 2016 research from Fluent found that 42% of US smartphone owners said they waited three years or longer before trading up.

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