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Mobile Not a Customer Service Priority

Fewer than half of American companies use mobile for customer inquiries

July 10, 2015

The vast majority of companies have moved into a digital world as far as their customer communications are concerned. More than nine in 10 companies surveyed in the Americas in April 2015 by Creative Virtual said they currently used email as a customer support channel—the same number that used the phone.

Current vs. Planned Use of Select Customer Support Channels According to Companies in the Americas, April 2015 (% of respondents)

Nearly as many used the web for customer support, at 85%. But mobile still hadn't cracked the halfway mark. And while 19% of respondents said they planned to use mobile in the future, even more said they did not have any such plans.

That could be because relatively few inquiries come through via mobile. More than one in three respondents got fewer than 50,000 customer support inquiries that way in 2014—although another 25% admitted they didn't know how many inquiries came through via mobile.

But that's something companies expect will change: 48% forecast an increase in the number of customer service questions they would get via mobile in the future, including 10% who thought it would be a significant increase.

Companies polled in EMEA were more likely to say they already accepted inquiries on mobile (50%), and also less likely to say they wouldn't ever do so (11%), despite getting a similar amount of inquiries that way last year.

Earlier research has shown smartphone apps are not the most popular ways for customers to make inquiries, whether those inquiries were simple or difficult—and text messages were even worse.

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