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Mobile Nearing Two-Thirds of Digital Ad Spend in the Nordics

Sweden to see largest investment jump

September 27, 2017

Mobile will make up more than 60% of digital ad spending in the Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark this year, according to eMarketer’s latest digital ad spending forecast for key countries in Europe.

eMarketer expects mobile ad outlays to reach $872.6 million in Sweden, $605.5 million in Denmark and $600.3 million in Norway in 2017, equal to 61.6%, 61.2% and 60.3% of digital ad spending in those countries, respectively.

Mobile Ad Spending in Select Nordic Countries and the Netherlands, 2016-2021 (billions, % change and % of digital ad spending)

In Demark and Norway, the increasing popularity of mobile advertising has driven digital budgets upward. This year, digital efforts will account for more than half of total ad spending in each country, with marketers in Denmark allocating 53.0% of overall ad outlays to online ads and their peers in Norway devoting 54.7%.

In Sweden, where traditional media continues to hold strong appeal, marketers will allocate a relatively low 42.9% of total ad investment to digital in 2017 despite a region-leading surge in mobile ad outlays.

In Finland, which has struggled with a sluggish economy for several years, mobile ad spending will increase 23.3% this year, eMarketer estimates. But like in Sweden, digital will make up less than half (48.5%) of total ad investment. While Finland’s economy is expected to strengthen, for now digital ad spend will be significantly lower in value than in the other Nordic nations, estimated at $392.9 million, or less than a third (29.4%) of total ad outlays, in 2017.

“The strong growth in mobile ad spending shows that advertisers in the Nordics are beginning to catch up with consumers,” said Jasmine Enberg, forecasting analyst at eMarketer. “Denmark, Norway and Sweden in particular already have some of the highest smartphone user penetration rates worldwide, at 90.9%, 89.4% and 89.8% of mobile phone users in 2017, respectively.”


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